Topper Price Guide
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Totally Unique Topper£ 95.00
The topper choice that really allows your imagination to run wild!  Choose this option and anything is possible!
Personalised Bride And Groom£ 95.00
Custom made to resemble you both in your wedding outfits.  Purchase this item as a base for your order, and just add to it later if you wish.
Same Sex Couple£ 95.00
Whether you need a Bride and Bride or a Groom and Groom choose this item to suit your requirements!  Your figures can be dressed to represent you!
Personalised Adult Figure£ 30.00
You can also add an adult member of your wedding party such as a Bridesmaid or Best Man to complement your personalised Bride and Groom.  You may also add a personalised child to your order by going to the appropriate listing.
Personalised Child Figure£ 20.00
An individually created model of a junior member of your wedding party to complement your Bride and Groom.
Personalised Wedding Arch£ 30.00
A beautiful personalised arch for your cake people to stand under.  After you order this item you may choose the colour scheme to match your own!
Personalised Flag£ 15.00
A personalised flag which is attached to a mini flag pole on a base with flowers.  Colour scheme is of course at your discretion.
Personalised Base£ 0.00
A base for your cake people to be mounted on.  Can be round, oval or flower shaped and comes in a range of colours!  You can add details such as your name and wedding date to this base along with decoration such as flowers or pearls.
Vegas Sign£ 15.00
You can add the famous "Welcome To Las Vegas sign" to place in front of your cake people!
Gretna Sign£ 15.00
Getting married at Gretna Green? Why not add the famous Gretna sign to your order!
Personalised Wedding Cake On A Table£ 20.00
Why not add a personalised mini wedding cake to position between your happy couple?
Personalised Pet£ 15.00
Add a really personal touch to your wedding cake with a recreation of your beloved family pet.
Personalised Birthday Cake Topper£ 45.00
Supplied on a base and can include details such as names and ages!  Choose small accessories that reflect the personality of the birthday boy or girl!
Personalised Christening Cake Topper£ 30.00
This topper includes a figure to represent your child posed and personalised as you wish along with their name in either blocks or a name train and also includes small accessories such as their favourite toys!
Baby In A Blanket Topper£ 7.00
A cute baby whose hair, eyes and blanket colour can all be personalised to suit your needs!  Your childs name in blocks can be added for 50p per letter or on a clay scroll for only £3.99.  Please contact me for details.
Express Service£ 10.00
The current waiting time does vary so if you need your topper within 6 weeks I strongly recommend my express service to ensure that your delivery reaches you in good time!
How To Order Standard postage costs for delivery to your door start from £5.99.  To enable your cake topper to be made as soon as possible, you can place an order via e-mail immediately. Click here to e-mail your order now. Please be aware that these are guideline prices only.  Additional charges may apply to small accessories and certain orders - contact me with your requirements if you aren't sure! Click here to view the terms and conditions. Payments can be made by personal cheque, postal order or direct bank transfer.  Please remember to advise your preferred method of payment when contacting me, so that I can provide further details for you.